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Exposing 5 Dental Myths for Better Oral Health

Close of up a man brushing his teeth

You know, patients come into the office with many different questions and many different ideas, and some of them are right on the spot, and others are just a little bit off. So, today what I want to do is just look at five myths that surround dental health that you may or may not […]

6 Benefits of Straighter Teeth from Dr. Greg

A bald and bearded man smiling widely and showing his straight teeth.

You know there are a lot of good reasons to get your smile straightened out with some form of orthodontics. These days a lot of people like clear aligners, but metal braces, wire braces are still an option. Sometimes there’s a ceramic type of brace that’s used that the brackets actually have ceramic in them, […]

Do Clear Aligners Work for Straightening Teeth?

Closeup of a woman's mouth with a clear aligner tray in her hand

Many people would like to have straighter teeth. You know, your smile is a very important personal characteristic. In fact, it’s considered the number one characteristic that people notice, in surveys, when asked that question. And having said that, there are a lot of adults that didn’t have braces when they were kids. And they […]

Should I Use a Mouthwash? Dr. Greg Explains

Bottles of Listerine Zero mouthwash

You know, as dentists, patients often ask us about a lot of different oral care products. And one question we get is: What is the best mouthwash? Now, most dentists aren’t like really excited about mouthwash. They certainly can be helpful. There are some mouthwashes that are very helpful, depending on the situation. But one […]

4 Keys to Preventing Cavities in Kids

A young boy in a dentist's chair with a dental instrument in his open mouth.

Over the last 28 years, I’ve seen a lot of families in my practice and a lot of parents that are a little frustrated because their kids have cavities. It seems like every time they  come in. And this can be really frustrating because cavities are really an infection. They’re caused by bacteria. And some […]

How to Choose a Dentist

A young woman in a dentist's chair smiling at a female dentist

You know often people wonder: How do I choose a dentist? It’s a good question! It’s a big decision. You’re trusting your care to somebody, and you’d like to know a little bit about them. So, there are a few criteria that you might consider when you’re choosing a new dentist. Location First of all, […]

Eating Disorders and Oral Health

A doctor's note pad with Eating Disorders written across the top with a couple of syringes and a stethoscope kept near the note pad

Chances are you know someone with an eating disorder or you’ve dealt with an eating disorder yourself. Anorexia and bulimia are issues that can cause some very significant problems for people. But a lot of times, people are good at hiding that disease from others. The one person that you can’t hide it from though […]

5 Technologies Impacting Dentistry in 2023

A pair of gloved hands holding a 3D model of a person's teeth

You know there’s so much going on with technology, and dentistry is feeling it too, and in very good ways. I’ve done dentistry for 27 years, and during a large part of that time, there wasn’t a lot of change in technology. There’d be something here and there that came along, but in the last […]

How Can I Find Affordable Dental Care?

A slate board with Cost Reduction written in chalk

We’re often asked: How do I find affordable dental care? Let’s face it, dentistry is an expensive service. There’s a lot of fancy equipment involved, a lot of years of training, and a lot of overhead to deliver that care. And so, people are often concerned about the cost of it, and they should be. […]

A Dental Insurance Primer: How It Works

A desktop with a calculator, pen, some papers, and a note pad that says Dental Insurance

Do you have dental insurance? Or do you wish you had dental insurance? It can be a very confusing subject, and it’s a bit different than medical insurance. So, it’s important to understand at least a little bit about the difference. As of 2020, over 260 million Americans (nearly 80% of the population) had dental […]